Services Offered include:

DGSC has almost 40 years of history in development of both "conventional" (since 1980) and "unconventional" (since 1998) reservoirs. We have also been active in many geographical and geological conditions and locales. Discovery performs consulting services in the following venues:

- Geological, geophysical and geochemical evaluations
- Play/Project/Prospect development
- Geological reserves and cashflow projections
- Drillsite selections and wellbore design
- Wellsite geological consulting
- Third party due diligence reviews
- Testimony at hearings and as an expert witness
- Concession application filings and maintenance

This is an SEM video of the Baltic Basin shale (Cambrian) showing the intensity of the fracture network and micro-vugs. It is this network that is overwhelmed by a water based fracture stimulation. Another method must be found.

Technical Evaluation & Analysis

DGSC is the go-to company for no-nonsense evaluation and analysis of conventional and unconventional projects. If you want the answers to complex technical issues, or just want an evaluation and detailed report of a project, Discovery has the experience and capability to get the job done timely, well, and at a fraction of the cost of most of its "competitors".

  • Geological Research
  • Database Development
  • Mapping (Field and/or Computer)
  • Core and/or Cuttings Analysis
  • Outcrop Studies
  • Sedimentology
  • Biostratigraphy
  • Computer Processed Logs Interpretation
  • SEM, EDX and XRD Management and Interpretation
  • Epifluorescence Petrography Management and Interpretation
  • Thin Section Analysis Management and Interpretation
  • TOC and Rock Eval Analysis Management and Interpretation
  • GRI Shale Analysis Management and Interpretation
  • Desorption (Samples and/or Core) Management and Interpretation
  • Methane Adsorption Isotherms Management and Interpretation
  • CT Scanning and Paleomagnetics Management and Interpretation
  • Geomechanical Multi-State Triaxial Testing Management and Interpretation
  • Capillary Suction Tests (CST) Management and Interpretation

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Project Management

DGSC has a strong background in all aspects of project management, from the initiation of prospects, to the implementation of technical analyses (seismic, etc.), through drilling, completion and production operations. Using Gant and flow charts, the project is thought through from beginning to end, in a team-oriented approach.

  • Geological evaluation
  • Geophysical evaluation
  • Drilling design and supervision
  • Completion design and supervision
  • Production design and supervision
  • Overall project planning (Gant and AFE's, etc.)
  • Governmental/regulatory compliance
  • Negotations with contractors and vendors
  • Technical analysis

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Operations Management

Beginning in 1982, through various subsidiaries, DGSC operated wells in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and Nebraska. With over 1,000 wells drilled in its history, Discovery operated over 500 producing wells at one time in 1985, and has been the consultant and/or supervisor for hundreds more.

  • Seismic supervision
  • Drilling design and supervision
  • Completion design and supervision
  • Production design and supervision
  • Overall project planning
  • Governmental/regulatory compliance
  • Negotiations with contractors and vendors

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