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    Discovery applies its pioneering spirit and exploration know-how to all its projects, developed from years of leadership in leading edge projects around the world.

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    Discovery has been working in eastern Europe since 2007, and has built many important relationships with government officials and state companies. The company is currently developing its license in Slovakia, and working toward acquiring additional positions in Poland and Hungary.

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This is a natural oil spring at Korňa, of the Kysuce district in Slovakia. It is a national monument, signifying the preeminence that oil and gas hold in modern society. Oil and gas seeps like this are common in the Carpathians.


After nearly 8 years of effort, Discovery abandons negotiations with Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo ("PGNiG")

Despite several Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Understanding, Discovery GeoPolska sp. z o. o. (a subsidiary of Discovery Global LLC) has been unable to agree terms with the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) on joint exploitation of its licenses in southern Poland. Our president (Michael Lewis) says, "After such a prolonged and earnest effort, we have determined that a deal with PGNiG is perceived as threatening to the fabric of PGNiG's corporate culture, and the Ministry of Environment seems unwilling to motivate PGNiG to engage in active exploration in the region. We are hopeful that the Ministry will soon change its policies, and encourage involvement by other non-state-owned operators."

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